Catching Heights provides a platform to express oneself. The main purpose of this blog is to bring together a group of people undergoing similar fluctuations in their emotions, and different groups which believe in educating, inspiring and empowering over subjects which are still considered major taboos in society. Here we raise awareness about ‘Depression’ , ‘Bullying’ and ‘Harassment’.

With Catching Heights, we hope to never let you feel alone. To make YOU realize that life is about facing the hardest of challenges and never giving up. We hope to give you a place you can call “home” and find people eager to hear YOUR stories. Here you are to openly speak about YOUR Depression, or the Bullying YOU have gone through, or the Harassment YOU are against.

Catching heights is a blog which is not only for you or me, it is a blog for US, as a whole- in order to create the change the society requires by helping promote acceptance and support to each and every individual.