I want to send a story- does it have to be written?

Not at all, if you want to send in a video- I completely encourage it- it just needs to be shorter than 5 minutes. Don’t forget to write the category as the subject when you send it to me.

Can I send in anonymous stories?

Yes, however, I would know who you are since I would receive your mail id, other than myself- no one would know you have delivered the story. Just make sure to write ANONYMOUS as the Subject.

Where do you get your information?

I have very reliable sources and those are not just secondary research. Anything, and everything on this website regarding education is looked at by professionals (usually the one’s delivering it).

Can I talk to you if I feel like it?

YESSSSS!!! You most definitely can, my contact information is not just there for the stories, it is there if you just want to talk and/or make suggestions. I welcome all to come into contact with me.

I am not ready to talk to my parents about what I am feeling, what do I do?

If you require me to talk to your parents or friends or teachers, I am willing to do that if you provide me with adequate reasons why to – and obviously their contact information.