Why Catching Heights

You come across sites offering help everyday, with psychologists and therapists on call 24/7, much like the sites I will be leading you towards on my page. But Catching Heights is different, it is more of a blog, a talk time, a family.

But then, if there are so many other websites out there, why would one use Catching Heights? Well, it is fairly simple- a site made by me, Annie Chopra, a person who has suffered and survived, a person who believes in communication and group therapy, a person that now is helping those who are at the position she was a few years ago.

Here I am, telling you my raw stories- why? So you believe in me and believe in Catching Heights. So that YOU can believe in yourself and in the education, inspiration and empowerment we provide you- in the hope that it will one day be received as a story.

I have been depressed for two whole years, and I am not ashamed of it- today it has made me a much stronger individual, one that can hold herself together- one who has scars on the body reminding her that she is not the person she used to be.

I have been bullied- for things which I would have never had the guts to talk about initially to my family or close friends- I have been bullied for being a little hairier than the other girls (in grade 7 might I add) and for the size of my breasts in the same grade. Today, there must be so many of you out there facing body shaming- I was there too, but you need to be confident and comfortable in your own body. That is what taught me to love myself even when all those surrounding looked at me with broken glass. It is all about believing in yourself than the words of others.

I have been harassed- in several ways- physical, verbal, due to my gender, due to my race, due to so many other things that would make an endless list. And I speak to you about it all, because these are thing I should have never been ashamed of in the first place, these represent those who said or did harm, they do NOT represent me. Just like that, the jokes people might make, don’t represent You, it represents THEM.

This is why Catching Heights, because here we have created a platform with people of the same ideology as myself, people who have suffered and learnt, people who are willing to educate, inspire, empower and share THEIR stories.

Here at Catching Heights, we give you a home that is open for you beyond the hours the clock tells.